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After considering all of the potential clientele, benefits, and profitability from launching a VoIP service, one of the major questions that will arise is how billing will be done. How will VoIP billing be handled for the services you plan to provide. What VoIP billing software will be utilized? Many VoIP providers do not have their own team of developers in house to create custom software. Dynegent provides the solution to all of these complex problems using our complete line of VoIP billing software.

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Dynegent’s software can handle all of the numerous features available to modern VoIP services like voicemail, call forwarding, ring groups, minutes, and more. Unlike purchasing bundled software from your switch provider, our software offers added performance, customization, scalability, and security.

Dynegent’s VoIP Billing Software Features

Many of these benefits come from our well engineered product line. The UniComâ„¢ product suite is a series of modular and interactive components designed with a common vision to support next-generation telecom billing of VoIP, scalable real-time processing, and event-driven architecture. Our end-to-end solution is capable of integrating with legacy systems to increase your operational efficiency, while reducing costs associated with maintaining multiple and redundant systems.

Learn more about Dynegent’s product suite at Dynegent.com or visit our contact us page here for more details.



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