Convergent mediation and monitoring, all on a single multi-service platform. UniNet mediation, from Dynegent Technologies, provides your business with the flexibility to consolidate a full spectrum of telecommunication services and products ranging from traditional telephony to evolving IP, cable, wireless, and next-generation services such as VoIP and IPTV.

By establishing a real-time critical link between your circuit-switched and packet-switched networks and your revenue-generating systems, UniNet enables you to monitor and control your network and business activity. UniNet easily integrates with varying types of network elements, including legacy systems, giving you the ability to design and promote competitive cross-product bundles that fit your business and profit models.

With a proven ability to collect, validate, consolidate, and distribute data across all lines of business and network technologies, UniNet will provide the appropriate scale to meet your business activity and performance needs � all on a single, powerful and cost-effective multi-service platform.


  • Convergence of traditional telephony and evolving IP services such as VoIP and IPTV
  • Integrated mediation across all lines of business and network technologies of varying sizes
  • Configurable event detail record formats to business requirements
  • Real-time data collection, processing, and distribution to revenue-generating systems
  • Validation of data integrity and duplication
  • Real-time tracking of network statistics


  • Cost-effective, component-based design consolidated on a single multi-service platform
  • Competitive cross-product bundling and integration across various network elements and legacy systems
  • Scalable to the business needs of providers varying in size and service offerings
  • Enhanced control over network performance and usage

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