Customer and service management, a higher level of customer experience. UniCare customer and service management, from Dynegent Technologies, provides your business with a user-friendly and intuitive web-based graphical interface that lets you immediately connect and focus on strengthening your wholesale and retail customer relationships.

UniCare Customer Care and Service Management

UniCare enables you to immediately activate and set up complex account hierarchies. You’ll have the ability to screen your customers using UniCare’s customer credit rating and authentication capabilities. Once activated, your customers are transitioned into new and rapid revenue streams. UniCare’s automated service fulfillment lets you activate your subscribers for a full range of services in a consistent, timely and accurate approach. By streamlining the provisioning process, UniCare handles the complexity of service fulfillment with transparency to your subscriber, creating an enhanced customer experience.

Ongoing customer care and service management are critical in strengthening your customer relationships. UniCare enables your customers and your customer service representatives to engage in account maintenance and self-care capabilities that involve updating account information, tracking account usage, viewing paid and unpaid invoices, checking outstanding balances, tracking transaction histories of unbilled and billed event details, and making online payments.

Trouble Ticketing Tracking System

Enhanced usability engineering and design empowers your customers to log into UniCare’s trouble ticketing tracking system and immediately report issues that may be hindering their business. UniCare automatically notifies your customer support team of assigned issues and is a central tool in escalating issues, tracking work logs, and communicating resolution. This enables your support team to resolve issues in a more timely and cost-effective manner, in turn reducing your support center costs.

Whether it’s rapid account activation, immediate service fulfillment, reliable customer care, or effective trouble ticket tracking, our UniCare customer and service management solution handles the complexities of service provisioning and maintenance for you – it’s a higher level of customer experience you can count on.


  • User-friendly and intuitive web-based design expedites user productivity and deployment
  • Immediate account activation and set up of complex account hierarchies
  • Automated subscriber activation and service fulfillment
  • Ongoing customer care and service management with online self-care capabilities
  • Effective trouble ticket notification, tracking, escalation, and resolution


  • Customer-centric approach to enhance customer experience
  • Focus on and strengthen customer retention
  • Optimized provisioning efficiency and rapid increase of revenue streams
  • Immediate activation and deployment of services
  • Enhanced customer support and timely issue tracking and resolution

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