Professional Relationships With Our Stakeholders

Dynegent does not just invest in technology, we invest in relationships, people, resources and strategic vision. This investment truly brings the highest return to all Dynegent stakeholders looking for a strong return on our telecom billing and management software and services.

How Dynegent Targets the Global Marketplace

The global marketplace and its strategic leaders have all recognized the true value and importance of channel partnerships and alliances in driving new business models, entering new markets, product development and building competitive advantages, which ensure overall business growth.

The Dynegent Integrated Partner Alliance takes this one step further by establishing a channel partnering strategy that can offer value to a variety of business relationships. The Dynegent Alliance program provides a wealth of opportunities for organizations to join resources with Dynegent in the dynamic and evolving communications industry.

Business Relationships Contributing to Quality Telecom Billing and Management

Through these expansive business relationships, Dynegent and our alliance partners will be able to fulfill key product and market development objectives in the area of telecom billing and management solutions. We value all of the relationships we create in the industry, and welcome new partners to explore the value added opportunities that an alliance with Dynegent offers. As Dynegent moves forward with its technology and customer-centric strategy, partners are playing an increasingly important role in all aspects of the business. Dynegent is leveraging its partner community to enhance and deliver expertise, knowledge and business growth opportunities that shall help to enhance and evolve the delivery of communications services throughout the world.

Questions regarding a channel partnership with Dynegent Technologies Inc. can be addressed by sending e-mail to Dynegent at email hidden; JavaScript is required.

Some of our partners include:

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