Real Time Telecom Billing

As more and more companies begin offering inexpensive per bit voice and data plans and services, real time telecom billing services become essential. Short term service upgrades, LTE, and shared date plans all require a careful examination of telecom billing services currently being offered to your company. Are they able to keep up with growing industry demands? Do they offer the necessary support and information to analyze, report, and bill correctly? A recent published statistic stated that 75% of mobile operators don’t have real-time data available in their billing systems even though 88% percent of operators believe it is essential to the future of mobile data billing.

Real Time Telecom Billing Solution

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Dynegent seeks to provide the best available option for real time telecom billing. The UniComâ„¢ product suite is available as a series modular and interactive components. These components are developed to support scalable real-time processing and billing for IP services.

Competitive Prices with Real Time Monitoring and Charging

Telecommunications providers seeking to offer competitive prices, while still maintaining necessary profit margins will be more than satisfied with the solutions offered from the Dynegent UniCom product suite.

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