Market Overview

The most dramatic opportunities in the communications marketplace today take advantage of the proliferation of IP services over any access technology. These include core technologies such as:

  • PSTN (SS7)
  • Cable
  • ADSL
  • 3G
  • Wi-Fi/Wi-Max
  • Broadband over Power-line (BPL)
  • Satellite

The dynamic converging of services over various network elements has created a blur between applications, networks and revenue assurance/reconciliation. Key service deployment and OSS/BSS technologies are required to realize real value and revenue from these leading edge communications services, which are much in their infancy/early adopter phase. This evolution shall not only increase revenue opportunities far beyond voice and data to include video, commerce and content; but, simultaneously, increase the market’s perception and definition of value from all market differentiators. The strategic advantages include enhanced services, new technology, alliance programs, channel integration, product bundling and innovative marketing. The reality is that market differentiators are now commodities. In order to manage these differentiators, key OSS/BSS technology such as UniCom™ from Dynegent™ is required to directly integrate with the service/network technologies to recognize both revenue and value.

Our Markets

IP Services (VoIP & IPTV)

Our solutions make sense of dynamic, expansive and bundled service offerings like VoIP, broadband Internet, IPTV and other IP services by providing powerful, flexible and scalable modules for real-time charging, data validation and, mediation, revenue assurance, and associated OSS tasks. Research shows marked growth rates in the adoption of next-generation services such as Voice-over-IP (VoIP), mobile email, text and picture messaging, ringtone and game downloads, and location-based services. This is and shall continue to be a growth oriented source of revenue for Integrated Communications service providers who are prepared to deal with the complexities of managing a per-transaction, user-centered, and Qos approach to service IPTV and VoIP Billing, Delivery, Customer & Revenue Management.

Challenges to operators and service providers include: event management in real time; rating and settlement of microcharges; real-time provisioning; managing pre- and post-paid services on a single account; real-time fraud control; the flexibility to roll out new services quickly and profitably, and the ability to extract the subscriber information that lets them make smart marketing decisions, fast.


Our solutions provide cable operators with solutions to efficiently manage customers and mitigate churn while enhancing their ability to ensure and support channel partner management. Our Platforms provide the framework for the ability to roll out new complementary services to ensure corporate time-to-market goals are met. Our system enables the delivery and bundling of products from any network element you integrate so you can zero-in on what your subscribers want, and deliver it to them the way they want it.


Our solution can also be integrated as the platform for implementing the content identification, classification, and event charging functionality for next generation services, such as 3G, for both prepaid and post-paid environments.


Next Generation, leading edge wireless service providers can utilize our innovative solutions to overcome all issues around service delivery, wireless billing, customer care, and revenue assurance. Our wholesale model, provides you with all the tools to private label your service offerings or use our retail model to maximize your revenues directly to your customers.

Traditional/Wireline (PSTN)

Our OSS/BSS technology focuses on the telecommunications business environment with the goal of increasing revenue, cost containment, improving profit margins, and improving the ROI on network assets thus impacting ARPU. Our solution incorporates a “Business Unit Consolidation” technology to isolate or integrate operations for your various business units and target markets whether it is wholesale, retail or the enterprise. The solutions are open platforms for collection, analysis, integration, interpretation, and presentation of data that is focused on metrics and analytics that deliver business growth. Our solutions can be implemented globally, as operators and service providers in emerging markets search for ways to take advantage of new technologies and services without changing their existing infrastructures.


Our solution provides field-proven data management solutions to enable MVNOs to provide new branded services efficiently and effectively – allowing for accurate and reliable real-time charging and rating to assure precise billing and service monitoring.


Our solution provides field-proven data management solutions for accurate and reliable real-time charging and rating to assure precise billing and service monitoring of all types of data services – over WiFi & Wi-Max .

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