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Telecommunications companies can often find a fantastic customer base by offering unique products, cutting edge technology, and correct advertising. One of the greatest challenges may be finding a telecom billing solution that can match all of the great features of their business. Dynegent is offering free telecom billing software to companies willing to try our services. We offer unique features, customer support, and ask companies to pay nothing to try our telecom billing software. For 90 days, see if Dynegent is the right option for your business.

Our Free Telecom Billing Software Trial

UniCom™, from Dynegent Technologies, allows telecommunication companies to deliver the flexibility to consolidate and rapidly deliver a full spectrum of wholesale and retail telecommunication services and products ranging from traditional telephony to evolving IP, cable, wirDynegent software, unicom, voip billing, Free Telecom Billing Softwareeless, and next generation services such as VoIP and IPTV. It is easy to notice the UniCom™  product suite is an extremely user friendly interface that allows for quick navigation, availability of information, and optimized use of data.

Unicom allows customers to manage their core market, and also focus on Voice, Video and Date by accelerating the launch and sale of emerging IP services and bundled products. The UniCom product suite is a complete OSS/BSS end-to-end solution that addresses the rapidly changing customer management needs of operators worldwide. Leveraging our proprietary solution, affiliations and strategic partnerships with leading technology companies, UniCom is a true, converged, scalable and flexible cutting-edge solution that enables operators to increase and manage customer acquisition, customer retention and profitability – while mitigating cost containment and ensuring low total cost of ownership (TCO).

Try our telecom billing software free for 90 days without contracts or agreements. We are sure we will be a good fit for your business.

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