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How many accounts do you have?

What is the total service numbers you have per account?

What type of service do you want us to provide rating and billing for i.e. Long Distance, Toll Free, etc?

For Long Distance, do you require PIC CARE?

For Long Distance, do you require Account Code (Validated and Non-Validated)?

Are there any discounts that you provide to your clients?

What type of taxation do you charge your clients?

Do you require an on-line billing service (EBP)?

How often do you want to generate your invoice i.e. Monthly, Bi-Monthly, Weekly, Daily?

Do you require Real Time Daily Rated CDR delivery?

Do you require us to handle your payment process? If yes, who is your current payment processor?

Are there any special rates that you charge your clients on a recurring or non-recurring basis? Please specify how many recurring/non-recurring per customer.

Is DTI responsible for invoice distribution? If so, then what is the method preferred?

Do you have a legacy billing system that you wish to migrate into Unicom?

How many switches do you currently have?

What types of switches do you currently have?

What is the mode of CDR transfer from your switch? Will it be a real-time feed, file transfer protocol, email…please specify?

Are there any special reports that you use for reconciliation and financial reporting?

Do you have US customers? if so, do you want us to apply US taxation?



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