Customer Support Software

The best customer support happens when none has to happen at all!

Dynegent offers UniCare customer support software to provide your business with a user-friendly and intuitive web-based graphical interface that lets you immediately connect and focus on strengthening your wholesale and retail customer relationships. Whether you are a CEO of a company or a dedicated customer support staff, UniCare offers an amazing option for supporting your customers.

Supporting Customers Using Advanced Care Software

Enhanced usability, engineering, and design empowers your customers to log into UniCare’s customer support software trouble ticketing tracking system and immediately report issues that may be hindering their business. To automate the management process, UniCare automatically notifies your customer support team of assigned issues and is a central tool in escalating issues, tracking work logs, and communicating resolution. Your support team will be able to resolve issues in a more timely and cost-effective manner, in turn reducing your support center costs. Scale back on personnel needed to run customer support or scale up on the amount of customers you are looking to support!

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UniCare customer support software is fully integrable into our UniCom product suite. Look no further for the software for customer care in your telecom billing and management company. To learn more about Dynegent and our free trial, click here.

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