Corporate Vision

Dynegent Technologies Inc. is an experienced solution provider, whose corporate vision has evolved as a result of consolidation between the largest billing aggregators in North America and the dynamics of the communications industry to provide a truly flexible, results-driven solution for wireline, wireless and IP based services.

Dynegent’s Corporate Vision and Strategy

Dynegent Technologies’ stems from almost two decades of experience in all facets of the communications OSS/BSS marketplace. Dynegent Technologies’ system design exemplifies the essence and significance of its strategy, which ensures any Integrated Communications Provider (ICP), can convert Dynamic Event Detail Records(EDR) to Intelligent revenue streams. Thus ensuring revenue growth.

Dynegent Technologies’ solutions have been designed around a new paradigm in Billing Customer and Revenue Management (BCRM). Our unique Business Unit Consolidation architecture allows any ICP to recognize the efficiencies within your market-driven strategies to handle unlimited product/service rating and billing combinations for all wholesale, enterprise and residential markets. This technology replaces the product line specific, geography specific and smoke stack legacy systems.

This paradigm allows our customers to be a “hop” away from impacting EPS and ensuring a streamlined approach to value for dollar based ROI. Our solution eliminates the need for multiple systems created by time-to-market demands by enabling complex cross-bundling of emerging IP and traditional telephony services (Local, Wireless, VOIP, Internet etc.), providing real time metrics for all products by business unit, true consolidated billing analytics, web-based customer/sales agent care and a long-term Billing/OSS vision that is not restricted to product strategy growth business opportunities.

Our vision is not to deliver just technology, we deliver business growth!

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