Considering VoIP Billing Software?

Some things to look for…

There is no doubt companies offering VoIP will enjoy the benefits of a VoIP billing system that offers an effective payment program. By offering efficient charging and management of their customers, Dynegent seeks to provide an advanced, yet easy-to-use approach to VoIP Billing.

Complexities of VoIP Billing and Management

VoIP Billing Stress

The complexities of VoIP make it a challenge to monitor and charge for. Many companies that offer the service may actually find it is better to use a billing specific company than attempting to monitor, manage, and bill in-house. The always changing telecommunications industry can provide to be a challenge to keep up to date with. Technology is evolving rapidly, with changes happening overnight. As businesses find themselves with more and more customers, dynamics also change with the number of minutes and usage being monitored and charged for increasing exponentially.

UniCom’s offering to the VoIP Billing marketplace

Dynegent offers the UniCom platform for VoIP Billing. Our software allows businesses to grow beyond what they can manage in house or monitor manually. By offering several products in our suite and an experienced team of people in the telecommunications industry, we seek to provide the best platform on the market today.


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