Collections and Receivables


Collections and receivables management can always be a challenge. It needs to be flexible and simple to be sure businesses are able to maximize their efficiency and appease their customers. UniCollect telecom billing solution for collections and receivables management is designed to satisfy the entirety of this process.

Collections and Receivables

collectioins and receivables

Not only does UniCollect handle billing collections and recievables, it also is able to provide assistance in fund transfers, credits, adjustments, and other transactions. Customers are able to utilize Electronic Bill Presentation and Payment. Buying products over the Internet with a credit card is a common occurrence, but viewing the credit card bill and making payments to settle the bill electronically is relatively new. But it is a rapidly exploding market driven by consumers who want the added convenience of Electronic Bill Presentation and Payment ( EBPP). Telecom companies will no doubt experience the added customer satisfaction by utilizing these features.

UniCollect is a flexible and simple solution for collections and receivables management. Start your free 90 day trial today at!


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