Professional Relationships With Our Stakeholders

Dynegent does not just invest in technology, we invest in relationships, people, resources and strategic vision. This investment truly brings the highest return to all Dynegent stakeholders looking for a strong return on our telecom billing and management software and services.

How Dynegent Targets the Global Marketplace

The global marketplace and its strategic leaders have all recognized the true value and importance of channel partnerships and alliances in driving new business models, entering new markets, product development and building competitive advantages, which ensure overall business growth.

The Dynegent Integrated Partner Alliance takes this one step further by establishing a channel partnering strategy that can offer value to a variety of business relationships. The Dynegent Alliance program provides a wealth of opportunities for organizations to join resources with Dynegent in the dynamic and evolving communications industry.

Business Relationships Contributing to Quality Telecom Billing and Management

Through these expansive business relationships, Dynegent and our alliance partners will be able to fulfill key product and market development objectives in the area of telecom billing and management solutions. We value all of the relationships we create in the industry, and welcome new partners to explore the value added opportunities that an alliance with Dynegent offers. As Dynegent moves forward with its technology and customer-centric strategy, partners are playing an increasingly important role in all aspects of the business. Dynegent is leveraging its partner community to enhance and deliver expertise, knowledge and business growth opportunities that shall help to enhance and evolve the delivery of communications services throughout the world.

Questions regarding a channel partnership with Dynegent Technologies Inc. can be addressed by sending e-mail to Dynegent at email hidden; JavaScript is required.

Some of our partners include:

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Next Generation Telecom Billing

IP Services (VoIP & IPTV)

Dynegent VoIP billing and management solutions make sense of dynamic, expansive and bundled service offerings like VoIP, broadband Internet, IPTV and other IP services by providing powerful, flexible and scalable modules for real-time charging, data validation, mediation, revenue assurance, and associated OSS tasks. Research shows marked growth rates in the adoption of next-generation services such as Voice-over-IP (VoIP), mobile email, text and picture messaging, ringtone and game downloads, and location-based services. This is and shall continue to be a growth oriented source of revenue for Integrated Communications service providers who are prepared to deal with the complexities of managing a per-transaction, user-centered, and Qos approach to service delivery, Billing, Customer & Revenue Management.

Challenges to operators and service providers include: event management in real time; rating and settlement of microcharges; real-time provisioning; managing pre- and post-paid services on a single account; real-time fraud control; the flexibility to roll out new services quickly and profitably, and the ability to extract the subscriber information that lets them make smart marketing decisions, fast.


Our solutions provide cable operators with solutions to efficiently manage customers and mitigate churn while enhancing their ability to ensure and support channel partner management. Our Platforms provide the framework for the ability to roll out new complementary services to ensure corporate time-to-market goals are met. Our system enables the delivery and bundling of products from any network element you integrate so you can zero-in on what your subscribers want, and deliver it to them the way they want it.


Our solution can also be integrated as the platform for implementing the content identification, classification, and event charging functionality for next generation services, such as 3G, for both prepaid and post-paid environments.


Next Generation, leading edge wireless service providers can utilize our innovative solutions to overcome all issues around service delivery, wireless billing, customer care, and revenue assurance. Our wholesale model, provides you with all the tools to private label your service offerings or use our retail model to maximize your revenues directly to your customers.

Traditional/Wireline (PSTN)

Our OSS/BSS technology focuses on the telecommunications business environment with the goal of increasing revenue, cost containment, improving profit margins, and improving the ROI on network assets thus impacting ARPU. Our solution incorporates a “Business Unit Consolidation” technology to isolate or integrate operations for your various business units and target markets whether it is wholesale, retail or the enterprise. The solutions are open platforms for collection, analysis, integration, interpretation, and presentation of data that is focused on metrics and analytics that deliver business growth. Our solutions can be implemented globally, as operators and service providers in emerging markets search for ways to take advantage of new technologies and services without changing their existing infrastructures.


Our solution provides field-proven data management solutions to enable MVNOs to provide new branded services efficiently and effectively – allowing for accurate and reliable real-time charging and rating to assure precise billing and service monitoring.


Our solution provides field-proven WiFi data management solutions for accurate and reliable real-time charging and rating to assure precise billing and service monitoring of all types of data services – over WiFi & Wi-Max .

Voip Billing, Free Telecom Billing Software, Free Voip Billing Software

We offer all of our software free for 90 days so that you can be sure Dynegent is the right fit for your business. Learn more about our free voip billing software option here.

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Dynegent's Unicom Product Suite Technology

UniCom, from Dynegent Technologies, provides your business with the flexibility to consolidate a full spectrum of telecommunication services and products ranging from traditional telephony to evolving IP, cable, wireless, and next-generation services such as VoIP.

Designed for Next-generation Billing

UniCom is designed with a common vision to support next-generation billing, scalable real-time processing, and open architecture. Our distributed and component-based design not only address your billing, customer, and revenue management needs, but also focuses on your supporting network elements that enable convergent and efficient integration.

Flexible and Easy Integration

By establishing a real-time critical link between your circuit-switched and packet-switched networks and your revenue-generating systems, UniCom enables you to monitor and control your network and business activity. Our architectural design easily integrates with varying types of network elements, enterprise financial systems, and reporting tools – including legacy systems – giving you the ability to design and promote competitive cross-product bundles that fit your business and profit models.

Powerful Analysis and Reliable Storage

UniCom leverages the tremendous power and analysis capabilities of IBM’s multi-valued UniVerse database to control the complexities of consolidated billing, customer care, and revenue management. As part of our flexible design, a separate and central Sybase data warehouse provides the data source for all reporting activities. UniCom has the added ability of integrating with multiple third-party reporting applications.


Our web-based UniCare component provides you and your customers with a secure and user-friendly graphical interface to interact with UniCom. Online accessibility enables your customers and your customer service representatives to engage in account maintenance and self-care capabilities that involve updating account information, tracking account usage, viewing paid and unpaid invoices, checking outstanding balances, tracking transaction histories of unbilled and billed event details, making online payments, and tracking trouble tickets in a timely and cost-effective manner.

Scalable to meet Your Expanding Business

With a proven ability to consolidate, bill, analyze, and distribute data across all lines of business and network technologies, UniCom will provide the appropriate scale to meet your business activity and performance needs – it’s technology designed to support your expanding business.

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