Telecoms Tech World Conference

Our team at Dynegent works diligently to stay on top of the telecom billing and management market. Part of this is networking with others in our industry to hear the latest news, surfacing trends, and latest breakthroughs. Telecoms Tech World is hosting a conference on November 26th and 27th in London at Olympia 2. The event will be looking into four main areas of telecommunication: OTT/VAS, M2M, LTE/capacity crunch and big data/payments. With 2 days of workshops given by some of the best in the business, Dynegent is sure there will be great value in the event.

Telecoms Tech World Conference Speakers:

– Rakesh Mahajan, VP Marketing – Head of VAS & Incubation , Bharti Airtel Limited
– Joachim Horn, Chief Technology and Information Officer, Tele2
– Harm Jan Arendshorst, Head of Identity & Privacy Services, Verizon
– Adnan Salkic, Principal Consultant – Strategic Planning and Performance, Saudi Telecom
– Tim Hussain, Head of Platform Development & Partnerships, BSKYB
– Marc Overton, Vice President of Wholesale & Machine to Machine (M2M), EE
– Mary Carol Harris, VP, Head of Mobile Strategic Alliances, Visa Europe

The Telecoms Conference & Exhibition will bring together leading telco firms, service providers, equipment manufacturers, and OTT players to debate and discuss the newest dilemmas and breakthroughs in the telecommunication industry. Some very practical resources we are looking forward to are speed networking, a dedicated networking tool, exclusive party and a bustling exhibition with 1500+ attendees.

The Telecoms Conference & Exhibition creates a fantastic opportunity to make valuable connections and new relationships for the future of Dynegent’s work in telecom billing and management.

Where to Register

To register go to If you work for a telecoms operator you can register for a free operator pass (worth £995) at The pass will give you full access to all the workshops and networking opportunities at the show. We hope to see you there!

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Real Time Telecom Billing

As more and more companies begin offering inexpensive per bit voice and data plans and services, real time telecom billing services become essential. Short term service upgrades, LTE, and shared date plans all require a careful examination of telecom billing services currently being offered to your company. Are they able to keep up with growing industry demands? Do they offer the necessary support and information to analyze, report, and bill correctly? A recent published statistic stated that 75% of mobile operators don’t have real-time data available in their billing systems even though 88% percent of operators believe it is essential to the future of mobile data billing.

Real Time Telecom Billing Solution

telecom billing, real time telecom billing

Dynegent seeks to provide the best available option for real time telecom billing. The UniCom™ product suite is available as a series modular and interactive components. These components are developed to support scalable real-time processing and billing for IP services.

Competitive Prices with Real Time Monitoring and Charging

Telecommunications providers seeking to offer competitive prices, while still maintaining necessary profit margins will be more than satisfied with the solutions offered from the Dynegent UniCom product suite.

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Customer Support Software

The best customer support happens when none has to happen at all!

Dynegent offers UniCare customer support software to provide your business with a user-friendly and intuitive web-based graphical interface that lets you immediately connect and focus on strengthening your wholesale and retail customer relationships. Whether you are a CEO of a company or a dedicated customer support staff, UniCare offers an amazing option for supporting your customers.

Supporting Customers Using Advanced Care Software

Enhanced usability, engineering, and design empowers your customers to log into UniCare’s customer support software trouble ticketing tracking system and immediately report issues that may be hindering their business. To automate the management process, UniCare automatically notifies your customer support team of assigned issues and is a central tool in escalating issues, tracking work logs, and communicating resolution. Your support team will be able to resolve issues in a more timely and cost-effective manner, in turn reducing your support center costs. Scale back on personnel needed to run customer support or scale up on the amount of customers you are looking to support!

telecom billing software, customer care software

UniCare customer support software is fully integrable into our UniCom product suite. Look no further for the software for customer care in your telecom billing and management company. To learn more about Dynegent and our free trial, click here.

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Considering VoIP Billing Software?

Some things to look for…

There is no doubt companies offering VoIP will enjoy the benefits of a VoIP billing system that offers an effective payment program. By offering efficient charging and management of their customers, Dynegent seeks to provide an advanced, yet easy-to-use approach to VoIP Billing.

Complexities of VoIP Billing and Management

VoIP Billing Stress

The complexities of VoIP make it a challenge to monitor and charge for. Many companies that offer the service may actually find it is better to use a billing specific company than attempting to monitor, manage, and bill in-house. The always changing telecommunications industry can provide to be a challenge to keep up to date with. Technology is evolving rapidly, with changes happening overnight. As businesses find themselves with more and more customers, dynamics also change with the number of minutes and usage being monitored and charged for increasing exponentially.

UniCom’s offering to the VoIP Billing marketplace

Dynegent offers the UniCom platform for VoIP Billing. Our software allows businesses to grow beyond what they can manage in house or monitor manually. By offering several products in our suite and an experienced team of people in the telecommunications industry, we seek to provide the best platform on the market today.


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Great Partnerships for Quality Telecom Billing

Working together with the best is essential…

One of the best ways to provide quality telecom billing and management software is to partner with some of the best companies and organizations in the world. Dynegent collaborates our efforts and resources with others to be sure we provide top-notch cloud based solutions.

Partnerships in Technology

One of these strategic partnerships is Rocket. Utilizing their U2 UniVerse™ extended relational data server, Dynegent’s UniCom product suite is able to be optimized for embedding in vertical applications. UniVerse offers a nested relational data model which means intuitive data modeling and fewer resulting tables. The Rocket’s extended rleational server provides robust high availability and also secures data through encryption and authentication. U2 UniVerse enables access via a variety of APIs, protocols, frameworks and architectures, as well as flexible data storage.

Another great partner in our UniCom Product Suite is Billsoft, a Total Tax Solution provider. This provides us with the ability to calculate hundreds of taxes in 70,000-plus tax jurisdictions, calculate tax rates for more than 85 countries, and calculate tax rates at amazingly fast rate, 2.4 billion transactions an hour or 80-125 times faster than competitors’ products. Other great features include advanced technology that calculates taxes correctly, no matter how complex, such as flat fee, percentage, per item, tax on tax, self-taxing, etc. Reports are able to be generated including unlimited historical data with separate effective dates for rates and logic.

Dynegent’s Telecom Billing Solutions

These are just a few of the essential partnerships that allow Dynegent to provide the best in telecom billing and management solutions. Learn more about Dynegent by connecting with us at our contact us page.

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Free Telecom Billing Software

Telecommunications companies can often find a fantastic customer base by offering unique products, cutting edge technology, and correct advertising. One of the greatest challenges may be finding a telecom billing solution that can match all of the great features of their business. Dynegent is offering free telecom billing software to companies willing to try our services. We offer unique features, customer support, and ask companies to pay nothing to try our telecom billing software. For 90 days, see if Dynegent is the right option for your business.

Our Free Telecom Billing Software Trial

UniCom™, from Dynegent Technologies, allows telecommunication companies to deliver the flexibility to consolidate and rapidly deliver a full spectrum of wholesale and retail telecommunication services and products ranging from traditional telephony to evolving IP, cable, wirDynegent software, unicom, voip billing, Free Telecom Billing Softwareeless, and next generation services such as VoIP and IPTV. It is easy to notice the UniCom™  product suite is an extremely user friendly interface that allows for quick navigation, availability of information, and optimized use of data.

Unicom allows customers to manage their core market, and also focus on Voice, Video and Date by accelerating the launch and sale of emerging IP services and bundled products. The UniCom product suite is a complete OSS/BSS end-to-end solution that addresses the rapidly changing customer management needs of operators worldwide. Leveraging our proprietary solution, affiliations and strategic partnerships with leading technology companies, UniCom is a true, converged, scalable and flexible cutting-edge solution that enables operators to increase and manage customer acquisition, customer retention and profitability – while mitigating cost containment and ensuring low total cost of ownership (TCO).

Try our telecom billing software free for 90 days without contracts or agreements. We are sure we will be a good fit for your business.

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VoIP Billing Software

After considering all of the potential clientele, benefits, and profitability from launching a VoIP service, one of the major questions that will arise is how billing will be done. How will VoIP billing be handled for the services you plan to provide. What VoIP billing software will be utilized? Many VoIP providers do not have their own team of developers in house to create custom software. Dynegent provides the solution to all of these complex problems using our complete line of VoIP billing software.

telecom billing software

Dynegent’s software can handle all of the numerous features available to modern VoIP services like voicemail, call forwarding, ring groups, minutes, and more. Unlike purchasing bundled software from your switch provider, our software offers added performance, customization, scalability, and security.

Dynegent’s VoIP Billing Software Features

Many of these benefits come from our well engineered product line. The UniCom™ product suite is a series of modular and interactive components designed with a common vision to support next-generation telecom billing of VoIP, scalable real-time processing, and event-driven architecture. Our end-to-end solution is capable of integrating with legacy systems to increase your operational efficiency, while reducing costs associated with maintaining multiple and redundant systems.

Learn more about Dynegent’s product suite at or visit our contact us page here for more details.



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Telecom Professional Services

There are some places of business that telecom billing software can be utilized best when experienced advisers are there to assist businesses in maximizing the product. At Dynegent, we have a professional team of advisers to help companies optimize and manage their telecom billing software. The team also offers technical services to businesses developing custom solutions. With 16 years of experience, Dynegent offers a leading advantage in professional services.

Telecom Technical Services

Some businesses may have an exciting new idea to the marketplace but lack the experience to work out the details. Dynegent works closely with businesses to offer the resources needed to develop custom software quickly, efficiently, and effectively. Dynegent’s expert team offer services such as data migration, systems integration testing, and performance evaluations. Telecom billing, customer, and revenue management solutions have never been easier to develop than with the experts at Dynegent.

Optimizing Telecom Billing Software

The professional service team also is available to work with businesses to maximize their use of Dynegent telecom billing and management software. Crucial business processes can be understood and efficiency improved with the assistance from Dynegent. Our expertise will no doubt help any company enrich their understanding of the telecom processes.

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Collections and Receivables


Collections and receivables management can always be a challenge. It needs to be flexible and simple to be sure businesses are able to maximize their efficiency and appease their customers. UniCollect telecom billing solution for collections and receivables management is designed to satisfy the entirety of this process.

Collections and Receivables

collectioins and receivables

Not only does UniCollect handle billing collections and recievables, it also is able to provide assistance in fund transfers, credits, adjustments, and other transactions. Customers are able to utilize Electronic Bill Presentation and Payment. Buying products over the Internet with a credit card is a common occurrence, but viewing the credit card bill and making payments to settle the bill electronically is relatively new. But it is a rapidly exploding market driven by consumers who want the added convenience of Electronic Bill Presentation and Payment ( EBPP). Telecom companies will no doubt experience the added customer satisfaction by utilizing these features.

UniCollect is a flexible and simple solution for collections and receivables management. Start your free 90 day trial today at!


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VoIP Billing

VoIP is quickly becoming an advantageous way to do communication in the workplace. Businesses are choosing this method of communication because of its numerous advantages. As this is offered to a growing number of small and medium sized businesses, it is important for these VoIP providers to choose the right VoIP billing system. The right provider and software can be just the way to take on more clients and decrease problems.

Value of Quality VoIP Billing Software

VoIP has become popular largely because of its elimination of conventional cabled transmission. By using the same line as the internet, it is possible to make long-distance calls at the same cost as local ones, which explains the significant deduction in phone bills. This is incredibly attractive to a number of businesses, especially those dealing with international clientele.

How Dynegent covers VoIP Billing

Dynegent offers an extensive collection of products and services to meet every area of VoIP billing needs. The UniCom™ product suite by Dynegent is a series of modular and interactive components designed with a common vision to support next-generation billing of IP services such as VoIP and IPTV, scalable real-time processing, and event-driven architecture. Our end-to-end solution is capable of integrating with legacy systems to increase your operational efficiency, while reducing costs associated with maintaining multiple and redundant systems.

voip billing

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